Hi, My name is Adriana, welcome to our site!


In April 1978 my cousin Ivano died following a car accident,

he was only 24 years old. I wanted to try and comfort my aunt Gemma, my motherís sister, who is very dear to me, but I did not know how.

Through extensive reading, I found out about the existence of Transcommunication Ė Voices from the Other Side: the possibility to communicate with the Deceased utilizing a tape recorder.

This is how I began my journey toward the understanding of the Spirit and its role in our lives.

Over the course of twenty-six years, thanks to a long series of experiments, I had all the proofs that I needed to create the Green Circle.


I consider it my main objective to ensure that people gain awareness of the opportunities that exist in the field of Metaphony, enabling them to operate independently and learn to manage this reality by themselves.



Twenty eight years is a good chunk of oneís life and to be able to celebrate a twenty eighth anniversary is an important event for anybody, be it a person, a group, or an institution.

In 2003 the Green Circle marked its 25th anniversary taking advantage of our third newsletter being published, we thought it appropriate to draw up a brief summary of the life of our group, with no specific emphasis, but only highlighting the major milestones of the groupís growth and all the work that was put in to help it.

We do not consider this 28th anniversary so much the finishing line as more of a starting point toward other goals, other horizons.

Our group is consistently made up of approximately fifty members who, on a voluntary basis, participate and support its initiatives.

Adriana is the indefatigable volcanic engine behind the Circle (assisted by her husband Giorgio) and, despite the fact that in our group there is no hierarchy,

the responsibility for its management, as well as the planning, organizing and deploying work, inevitably falls with her. We all have an equal role in it, which is firstly to help ourselves and then to help those around us try to live our own lives in the best possible way.

The Circle proves that this is possible.

The Green Circle was created in 1978 and for approximately 12 years the groupís meetings took place in Adriana and Giorgioís home. The purpose was to provide practical information on applied metaphony and experimenting receiving messages through recordings on tape.

Those were the first important testimonials of the reception and listening of voices from the Other World.

In 1990, due to the increasing number of members of the Circle and the insufficient space available for meetings, the Circle rented an assigned venue located in Via Dante, this is still the current groupís site.

In March 1994 the Circle publishes its first book "The Green Circle", featuring testimonials and messages.

The following month the Mainardi family publishes a book "Droplets of love from the other World" dedicated to their son Davide.

In June 1995 the very first issue of the groupís news journal was published, managed by the Administration team and titled "The Green Circle" it contains information on the life of the group and its activities.

On the same year the Circle is represented at the convention in Riccione organized by "Edizioni Mediterranee" and coordinated by Paola Giovetti. In this congress, hosted by Paolo Presi, the group first of all introduces some samples - voices received over the telephone. Moreover, a book is also distributed, "Man and mistery", in which the experience from the Mainardi Family is described from page 62 to page 66.

In June 1997 a third book is published: "The infinite exists". The content is a mixture of testimonials and descriptions of stories that happened in real life. As usual, the authors are members from the group.

In February 1998 Valeria and Sergio Mainardi publish the book "A film director from the sky", a touching testimonial of their relationship with their son Davide that goes beyond the barrier of terrestrial life.

In December of the same year the first edition of the internal newsletter is issued. In 1999 the long-distance adoption of an Indian child named Eli Asirwadam is proposed and implemented, to date the Circle is still supporting and helping him with his studies

On the same year Angela Bonfiglio, an active member of the Circle, publishes two books dedicated to the memory of her son Fabio featuring the testimonial of her relationship with Him which was never interrupted thanks to metaphonic communication: One more light in the sky and My son is reborn. These two books were followed by a third one, We are the waves of the universe.

Again in 1999 the Green Circle opens its doors to new technologies and creates its own website and its own web address, respectively:


The new millennium is here and in February 2000 the first Circle Newsletter is born, published on a yearly basis. In fact, in February 2001 the Newsletter N. 2 was issued. In May 2001 the groupís new Internet website is up and running.

The site is focused on presenting a series of testimonials from mothers and fathers who are members of the Circle, sharing their experiences of life and pain.

2002 is particularly significant for the life of the group, carrying its voice and its testimonials to Sicily, Cattolica, Riccione, Varazze, and it opens up to new research thresholds. In March of the same year the circle releases a new book to the press: "I come for you", particularly rich in content and open to a new type of experiences.

The text of the book is also published on line and is available at the following address


In January 2003 a meeting with Marcello Bacci, an expert in Metaphony, is arranged in order to experiment his technique for the reception of messages.

Last February the Circleís Internet site was completely restructured and renewed, and is available at the following address

. In 2004 the Circleís own web domain was born....

Amongst other information this site contains new experiences of voices obtained through the computer.

Over the course of its 28 years of life, the Circle participated to numerous congresses and distributed it books, always strictly free of charge, to those who requested them. On a number of occasions the Circleís activities were featured in specialty magazines such as "L'Aurora" and " L'Iride" as well as on mainstream weekly magazines such as "Visto" and Gente".

Every day the Circle receives numerous e-mail messages from people asking for help, information, or messages expressing admiration, respect and appreciation for the work done.

Adriana Scaficchia

Passo San Boldo n 4

Favaro Veneto V.E.